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Shoe and Class Attire

P&R Dance/Gym Attire and shoe requirements 

Boys Ballet Class:  White t-shirt or fitted dance shirt, black shorts, jazz pants, tights or leggings, white socks and black ballet shoes. 

Ballet Classes (Girls)    Black leotard, ballet pink tights, black dance shorts permitted, pink ballet shoes, no jewelry, hair must be in bun.  

Adult Ballet Class: Tight form fitting clothing that you can easily move at ballet barr and floor. Other options include leotard, tights, dance pants, dance shorts are welcome. Pink leather ballet shoes.

Gymnastics students will need gymnastics leotard & shorts, No shoes are worn in this class. Hair must be in a ponytail.

KinderTap. Ballet, Jazz students will need black tap shoes, pink ballet shoes, pink tights, and pink leotards. Ballet shoes will be worn for jazz segment of the class. Pink Ballet skirts may be worn during dance segments. Hair must be in a ponytail or bun.

Tap, Jazz, & Musical Theater: students will need tan jazz shoes, tan tap shoes. Black leotards and tan tights. Black jazz pants or black dance shorts may be worn. Hair must be in a ponytail or bun. 

NEW: Middle School Dance Team Technique Class: Students my wear dance shorts or jazz pants & t-shirts. Jazz shoes. Hair needs to be in a bun or pony tail.

Ballet & Pointe': students will need black leotard, ballet pink leotards, pink ballet shoes, ballet pink convertible tights and black tank leotards. Hair MUST be in a bun, required attire MUST be worn in class. Pointe' shoes will need teacher approval.

Tap, Ballet, Jazz classes grades 1-5 students will need black tap shoes, pink ballet shoes, tan tights and black leotards. Black jazz pants may be worn. Hair must be in a ponytail or bun.

Hip Hop I & II: gym shoes may be worn for Hip Hop. Any dance attire or loose clothing may be worn to Hip Hop. NO restrictive clothes. Students must be able to descend to the floor, spin, and move freely. Hair should be pulled back in a pony tail.  

Toddlers, Tiara's, Tutu's, and Tumbling student will need pink ballet shoes, pink tights and leotards. Pink Ballet skirts may be worn in dance segment only. Regular gym shoes will be worn during the tumbling segment. Hair must be in a ponytail or bun.

Intro to Dance: students will need black leotard, pink ballet tights, black jazz pants or shoes are permissible.

Pink ballet shoes will be use for both ballet and jazz.

Mommy and Me No required dance apparel required for this class. Suggest comfortable and clothing: gum shoes. sandals for toed shoes for the Kinder Student.

Petite, Jr. & Sr. Accelerated students will need Bloch tan lace-up tap shoes, tan jazz shoes, pink ballet shoes, tan tights, pink convertible tights, black tank leotard, Black dance shorts or jazz pants, Dance Company warm-ups & dance uniforms: top and skirt.(required). Black heeled tap shoes. Other special dance shirts, tights etc. may be required and ordered by the studio throughout the dance year. Hair must be in a bun for Ballet.

Parks & Rec. Dance Class Shoe Requirements

Tan flat heel tap shoes required for Petites, Jr. and Sr. Accelerated classes and Jr. Accelerated Prep classes.

Tan jazz shoes required for all Jazz classes. 1st grade and up. Not a requirement for any Kinder Class.

Black tap shoes for Tap, Ballet and Jazz classes and Kinder classes with a Tap segment. Parents must replace the ties with elastic or rubber band type ties. This reduces time lost due to constantly tying bows.

Pink ballet shoes for all classes with ballet segments. Please make sure you purchase the leather ballet shoes and not the silk, shiny ballet imitation.

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